The Experience

You were born to lead.  The time is now for you to step in to that powerful role. In fact, the world needs strong, bold, beautiful women, JUST LIKE YOU, to share your authentic leadership from the inside out – leading others, leading teams, leading you. That authenticity also includes seeking clarity about your past journey, understanding your current habits, and creating your future success. Don’t Await It, Create It® is an intimate experience that expands your potential. It is not a conference, it is a guided weekend immersion where you receive the support, strategies, and success tools needed to shift out of DOING so much and into a state of BEING that supports both your desire to lead boldly and have a healthy, happy life. Throughout our focused and fun weekend you will shift your inner dialogue from sabotaging to soulful.

Don’t Await It, Create It® is THE OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE the next chapter of your life:

Stepping up into a new career role? Struggling to blend the challenge of a big career and a big life you love? Use the tools we teach you to discover a fresh perspective and access the answers that lie within.

Hearing from your inner voice that your dreams aren’t pragmatic or you don’t deserve them? That other projects, other crises, other people should come first? At Don’t Await It, Create It®, you’ll amplify the inner voice that's telling you, “You Can Do This” and try on new approaches with like minded professionals in a safe space.

You are the best leader for the goals you want to accomplish! Together we’ll explore what it means to curate a healthy, happy, whole relationship with yourself. Don’t Await it Create It® will skillfully challenge you to live and work beyond your expectations.

About Julie

Julie JacopicJulie Jakopic has been helping leaders succeed since she tutored her friends in math in third grade. Today, Julie is one of the nation’s top organizational and leadership development consultants and coaches who has shared the stage with luminaries like President Obama and change agent Neale Donald Walsch, Julie’s on a mission to help build the new paradigm of business where leaders lead boldly and have lives they love.

A social psychologist by training, Julie has worked with elected officials, non-profit leaders and corporate executives to clarify their vision, build relationships and design and execute strategies to achieve extraordinary results. Author of Planning for Results, a nationally recognized strategic planning tool, and creator of the Don’t Await It, Create It® framework and event, Julie gets rave reviews as a speaker, coach, facilitator, and strategist known for her pragmatic and optimistic approach. Clients credit her ability to not only build and grow their own leadership skills, but also her uncanny understanding of how to help executives develop and strengthen the talent beneath them.



“a deceptively simple & profound way to take action in any aspect of life & achieve your dreams”


“This is an opportunity to check in with yourself, understand yourself and others on a deeper level, and create a plan for a powerful year”


"During this weekend you will tell yourself truths you never thought you had and have support to help you work through the good, bad and ugly”


"This is a weekend to think about only you. Met amazing women that you would never meet. Learned what is possible once you push beyond your own fear of being great"