Lead Boldly. Ignite Change. Accelerate Success.

Washington, DC January 12-14, 2018


This event is perfect for:

  • ​ANY WOMAN leader or executive who wants to have more impact at work and fun at home​
  • ANY WOMAN who is stepping into a new role – recent ​graduates​ to recent ​retirees
  • ANY WOMAN ​starting or growing a business
  • ANY WOMAN ​thinking of running for office or assuming a public position
  • ANY WOMAN​ who just got a promotion
  • ANY WOMAN ​who just can’t imaging living another year like the last one
  • ANY WOMAN​ ​​with a dream she wants to bring to life
  • ANY WOMAN​ who is searching for what their dream is

This event is for any woman ready to make a change and take advantage of the power and resource​s​ already in their heart.

Do you have to be from the DC area? Absolutely not! While many participants are from the DC area, women across the nation attend.

Do you HAVE to stay at the hotel? Absolutely not! But we do recommend it as a true immersive weekend.

Can you bring a group? YES! This is perfect for teams, mothers & daughters, or business partners, office mates, or bridal parties. If you have a group of 5 or more, contact us for a special rate.​

Would you like to sponsor and partner and reach our audience in a new intimate way? Contact Us!

When you attend Don’t Await It, Create It™ you step into an intimate experience where YOU receive the support, shifts, strategies, and success tools needed to shift out of DOING so much and into a state of BEING that supports both your desire for a healthy, happy lifestyle but also a more authentic relationship with your work. Come for the top notch content and community, stay for the connection with fellow visionaries. Walk away revitalized, with revelations for how to transform the work you do into more meaning and impact in the world. This isn’t just a business conference – it is multi faceted summit for change agents – a holistic deep dive into your world, exploring how work integrates with family, life, and fulfillment.

A Message from Julie:
“After creating Planning for Results, I realized we had created a different way of looking at planning. One that focused on end results and change, not next steps. One that didn’t just list strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats but harnesses the assets (the strengths and opportunities) to address and overcome challenges. One that quite simply worked to create massive shifts. So I​ ​​looked closely to see how this tool could be adapted so that individual leaders could shift their mindset and experience the same success in all areas of their lives. Don’t Await It, Create It is the result. If you want to think things you’ve never thought, say things you’ve never said, commit to ​and achieve​​ ​things you’ve never dreamed before, this is the place for you.”


The Innovator Rate (Valid until 11/27/17)
The Connection Rate (Valid until 12/24/17)
The White Rabbit Rate (Valid until week of the event)