Lead Boldly. Ignite Change. Accelerate Success.

Washington, DC January 12-14, 2018


The Don’t Await It, Create It weekend will be structured around the Planning for Results process to craft a plan for the best year of your life. That little voice that tells you that your dreams are too big – we quite literally will silence it and you will work your way from inspiration to implementation. By day three, you’ll be able to clearly express what you will be accomplishing within 30 days of this retreat. You’ll have chance to build relationships with other creative successful women. You’ll learn new skills in resilient leadership, presence and persuasion. You’ll learn to beat inertia and manage fear. And a few other new goodies to help you lead in your own life, lead those around you and increase your impact in the world.

The event starts at 3pm on Friday and wraps up at 4pm on Sunday.

You will leave Don’t Await It, Create It with

  • A clear vision for your work and your life, even if you don’t have any idea yet
  • A concrete actionable plan for achieving your most important goal
  • A list of resources that you can implement in your change-making immediately
  • New communication skills to become a team builder and leader
  • Knowledge about your leadership strengths and how to put them to use
  • Specific strategies to battle fatigue and burn out
  • A new network of colleagues, and a mediated group follow-up process for the year following Create It.
  • The Create It Construct, and an exclusive planner valued at $75

The Don’t Await It, Create It pieces together 8 different 2 hour training and coaching modules, along with plenty of time for reflection and review.

Module topics include:

The ability to confidently express your purpose is an essential tool to cultivate. Achieving the best possible outcome for yourself can be challenging, however honing principles of fairness through structured interactions, called “Stand-ups” will help you envision rewarding life-long outcomes. We will help you to specifically identify & eliminate any underlying beliefs that may be hindering your path to embracing and promoting legacy you want to build and leave behind.
The ability to implement & maintain an effective planning process is imperative to making a significant positive impact. While not every contingency can be planned for, clear vision and strategy as well as courage to make hard & potentially unpopular decisions will result in success. We will help you to spot early discouragement, encourage commitment, and avoid obsession with control to become a planner extraordinaire.
The ability to successfully persuade others to adopt new behaviors or perspectives while respectfully addressing their concerns is an indispensable tool. Create It Weekends teach The Persuasion Matrix, a tool you will use over and over to be clear about your audience, targeting them, and engaging them in your goals. We will help you recognize the resistance traps that typically occur & practice the communications skills that will intercept them from sabotaging your effectiveness.
Words make-up less than 10% of what we communicate. We’ll work on building your presence so that you are seen, heard and respected in meetings, at the board table, and on the stages where you live your life.
Understand your “Whole Brain” to decipher your leadership preferences and how to use them in service to a team or an overarching vision using unique and easy to learn tools like the Herrmann Whole Brain Model ® and others.
Principles of Resilience
The world has never moved this fast before and will never move this slowly again. The capacity of leaders to rise above the chaos has never been more necessary for success at work and home.