Ready to refine, revitalize, and redesign your real world dreams?
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Create It 2020 will take place January 17-20, 2020.
Registration will open on October 2.
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Year after year, our participants tell us this weekend changes their lives. They are happier, more successful, and more fulfilled. They have landed the promotion, changed careers, launched businesses, reduced turnover, expanded their teams, formed new relationships, and dramatically increased their income.

It's your turn. Take your leadership to the next level. Embrace your power. Achieve the success you know you were born to have.

Create It is about you and your life. This retreat is designed to inspire and unleash your bold vision; it will ignite you to embrace your power and recognize your value. And show you how to set priorities to make sure you achieve your goals.

Create It is a deeply immersive experience. You’ll get the tools, techniques, and team to allow your authentic leadership style emerge and cultivate a happier, healthier, more whole life. You’ll walk away transformed, with a concrete, actionable road map to reach your personal and professional goals.

At Don’t Await It, Create It®, you will:

  • Experience 2.5 days of actionable strategies you’ll use for the rest of your life
  • Create a mindset for leadership success
  • Craft concrete, step-by-step, success acceleration plans
  • Cutting edge insights from leaders across industries
  • Build a support team of like-minded women leaders
  • Take home easy to-follow-templates, checklists and frameworks to sustain the work

Don’t Await It, Create It® is a retreat experience for women like you who are ready to invest IN YOURSELF ignite impact, accelerate your success AND enjoy a LIFE YOU LOVE.

Take the first step to embracing your leadership.

What People Are Saying

Mel Parrish, Veteran, Plus Size Model, Writer | Host of Body Love TV

"I was completely stuck. For me, I really needed to visualize a way to spend my time differently in order to bring my dream to life. I feel like I was able to address some of the major roadblocks to moving forward during that weekend. Almost immediately, I was able to enact the changes I wanted to see. I enjoyed interacting with tons of professional business women who are top performers in their respective fields embrace being “a girl.” Even though they were certainly tough business women, they made it okay to be emotional or just be vulnerable. That was refreshing given that most of us work in male-dominated environments where those "assets" are viewed as weak."

~ Mel Parrish, Veteran, Plus Size Model, Writer | Host of Body Love TV

3 Reasons to Register for Don't Await It Create It®

Your Passport to Self-Care

At Don’t Await It Create It®, you get to make yourself your priority, to put YOU at the top of your to do list. That doesn’t just mean using your head to learn and plan, it also means learning how to consistently and mindfully care for yourself body and soul. Throughout the weekend, you’ll be guided on how to incorporate tangible tools for self-care into your daily routine (no matter how busy you are!).

Your Permission Slip to Shine

It’s OK to want to be exceptional. And it’s OK to want to blend professional excellence with a thriving personal and family life. This weekend will provide you with both time for private reflection as well as personal consultations to reignite your dreams, re-energize your spirit and rediscover your mission.

Your Pathway to Success

Our hands-on training offers you an empathic, soulful approach through innovative strategic planning sessions. You will leave with clear and precise instructions on how to get where you want and need to go. Even if your goals and desires are fuzzy now, Don’t Await It, Create It® will bring you to a place of clarity!